New goals are reached on new ways

Your product is your piece of gold. But it only turns into gold if you display it with outstanding visual impact. Put your products and services in exactly the light your customers want them to see. Great, strong and desirable. You achieve an improved awareness of your services and strengthen your public appearance.

You decide for yourself how much power you want to use to break new ground: Careful in small steps or radical and straightforward. Let’s take a fresh look at your company and let us show your customers who and what you really are. Together we will find the right way to reach new goals. New directions for your business.

Every change needs a start. And great changes need an equally great start. With a strong, distinctive design, your new, fresh appearance becomes a key to success. This will cover all essential areas of your company’s appearance in a professional way. Let me explain the process how professional graphic design can help you set your company and your high-quality products in the spotlight.

Identity Design


Digital Design



  Identity Design

Corporate Design
Brand Aesthetics
Logo Development
Design Relaunch
Signets & Typography

The unique identity of your company is your most important asset. I get to know your product, explore different perspectives and ask questions. Together we develop your identity design and create a distinctive look—contemporary, clean, timeless and with a conscious awareness for avoiding fading trends. Let us develop your very own identity—consistent and unique. An appearance that above all fits you and your products and is authentic.

Flexibility is key when it comes to design principles. The result is a balanced design language that represents your company professional, both internal and external, and reflects a modern brand feeling which fits your target group.

An identity design always includes a unique logo. No matter if it’s a new design or a relaunch—the logo is an essential part of your corporate design. Aesthetics and a sense for shapes, colours and typography blend perfectly into a graphic design that fits the character and goals that you want to communicate to your customers. Make sure you get the attention of customers that you deserve.


Image Brochures
Editorial Design
Product Catalogues
Fact Sheets

A strong, individual and powerful print design is developed based on your identity design. It conveys quality and a sense of class and represents your brand identity. At the same time, traditional print products such as catalogues, image brochures, magazines, posters, flyers and fact sheets are still essential.

It’s all about strong impressions that inspire, have a positive reaction in your target group and support the external perception of your company. It needs to feel high quality. Form, material and the choice of language are just as important factors as the design, which every printed work needs to have.

The most important thing for a lot of customers and interested consumers is what they can touch, look at, read and use. That is why a first-class print design is an expression of your reliability and quality standards. The fact is: What you hold in your hand when printed, will be remembered longer and will be anchored in your brain through haptic experience. Together with digital design, an ideal integration of both worlds, print and online, is possible.

  Digital Design

Web Design
UI/UX Design
Content Creation
Digital Documents

Especially important and essential if you want to be recognized as an innovative company: a professional online presence. Easy to use, with emotional impact, responsive design on mobile devices. A strong presentation of your company and your products increases customer attention. Creative, innovative, unique—with our design concept we decide together, how you will be seen in the future.

For all your digital communications, it is also important to focus on the relevant information while creating a simple and intuitive user experience. Transport value, functions, features and information in a carefully considered user experience (UX/UI design). And all this in the corporate design we developed together.

As an essential instrument in the marketing mix, your website becomes an effective way to bring your messages directly to the users. Where offline and online interfaces meet, there are ebooks. They are so to speak the bridge between two worlds—from analogue to digital—and open new options in your corporate marketing. What all digital activities have in common is the demand for high-quality content and excellent design. Let’s communicate digital.


Company Profiles

Strong images have a strong message. Let’s show your products and services in an aesthetic and professional way, because: With the right look they support your corporate design substantially. Use professional images for architecture, technology, food, people and the rooms they are working in and turn them into a powerful statement. This is equally important in print design as it is online on your website or in the various social media platforms such as Instagram & co.

Strong and creative, elegant and premium, natural and authentic—there are many moods which an image can set. Pictures are perfect to bring products to life on a visual level: Complex things become understandable, emotional aspects become more real. They support a company’s or product’s key message. Together we build a strong creative team: Your special view on things, experience and my fresh, open minded view from outside let new ideas grow. We always keep product, target group and the results in mind. Let’s make things beautiful.



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