VZB Verband der Zeitschriftenverlage in Bayern e.V.

Distinct design for print and web: Magazine design, website and more

Representing the economic interests of its members, the Association of Magazine Publishers in Bavaria (VZB) is one of the supporting parts of the Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ) and advises them on business, publishing and cultural issues. The VZB is also committed to strengthening the quality of media and a free and independent press; excellent media work and outstanding media personalities are honoured with awards.

Once a year, VZB presents the latest expert insights into journalism, future trends in the industry and the publishing business in the VZB-Magazine. In addition to the first chairwoman, Waltraut von Mengden, politicians, association members and partners contribute their views. Marc Brugger Design is responsible for the editorial design of the VZB-Magazine. The design goal is to develop a visual language that underlines the competence of an established and renowned institution and at the same time has a powerful, future-oriented feel. The modern, clear, high-quality aesthetics with matching typography and paper design, precisely reflect this feeling. The playful use of annually changing, strong colours keep the design both dynamic and interesting.

Communication design with a high recognition value: In addition to the magazine design, I also developed the web design for the VZB website, as well as printed materials like invitation cards for the VZB media summit and exclusive evening events, save-the-date cards and mailings, advertisements, press kits and much more.


Editorial Design

  • Annual Report des VZB München
  • Jahresmagazin des VZB Verband der Zeitschriftenverlage in Bayern
  • Magazindesign mit Anzeigen im Annual Report des VZB München
Modernes Editorial Design für einen frischen und professionellen Auftritt
Grafik- und Editorial Design für das VZB-Jahresmagazin