Syno R GmbH

A corporate design that fits lifestyle and attitude of the target group

Syno R GmbH builds eco-friendly and sustainable houses with solid wood walls in the lower Allgaeu. Due to the patented technology used, high insulation values are achieved, and no glue or metal bonding materials are used. According to its motto “Modern, innovative and for the love of wood” the company combines a natural approach and environmental protection with the demands of modern living.

A bold signet was designed to support the look of the young and modern company. When developing the logo, the focus was put on craftsmanship and simple elegance. Who decides for a Syno R house does not only buy space to live in, but also an experience of living. They buy a piece of nature. Wood is a natural building material. And thus, it is obvious which look suits the corporate design best: natural clarity. It matches the company philosophy and the product solid wood wall perfectly. A clean, straightforward design combined with earthy colours.

The website was designed with an individual and modern layout. If you decide to build a house, you inform yourself beforehand in a particularly intensive and detailed way with the various ways of construction. The new Syno R website provides important information for interested builders and at the same time gives inspiring impulses how your own personal living space can look like with beautiful architectural pictures and 3D renderings of the wall construction.

In addition to the classic business stationery, consisting of business cards, letterheads and folders, as well as various promotional items and signage for vehicles, architectural photos showing reference objects created as part of the redesign, complete the company’s corporate design.


Corporate Design

Logodesign für Syno R GmbH mit prägnantem Icon
Logodesign und Signetentwicklung für Syno R GmbH, Hersteller von Vollholzhäusern im Allgäu
Primärfarben im Corporate Design der Syno R GmbH aus Lauben
Spannende Typografie für das Corporate Design der Syno R GmbH
Logodesign und Signetentwicklung für Syno R GmbH
Typografie passend zur Corporate Identity von Syno R
Grafikdesign der Geschäftsausstattung von Syno R im Allgäu
Fotodesign Architektur für Syno R
Architekturfotos Vollholzwand Syno R
Architekturfotografie für Syno R
Architekturfotografie Holzhaus mit Vollholzwand von Syno R GmbH aus Lauben im Unterallgäu
Webagentur für Vollholzhaus-Hersteller Syno R GmbH im Allgäu
Webdesign und Content Creation für die Internetseite der Syno R GmbH