Schreinerei Becker

Inspiring design for carpenters with passion

Since three generations, the master carpenter Becker from the lower Allgaeu region has been celebrating the material wood as well as the carpentry craft itself by producing high quality and unique products for the most exclusive customers. The company also does not miss out on innovation.

As a design agency, it was my job to bring out the history and forward-looking attitude in the logo redesign and the related corporate design. For the logo and the concept behind the corporate design I used an existing element: the stylized, hand-drawn saw. A special way of paying attention to the time of the company’s foundation, which can be noticed even among other people, is the choice of a very clear and elegant looking font. The website and various print materials (advertisements, business supplies, signage) were designed to match this style.

Fresh green—the perfect background for wood: The fine, refined, soft natural colours, above all the powdery sage green, underline the careful use of natural resources and create a dynamic environment that allows the products of Meisterschreinerei Becker to be shown off to their best advantage.


Corporate Design

Logodesign mit Signet-Relaunch der Schreinerei Becker Rammingen
Farbauswahl im Corporate Design der Schreinerei Becker
Minimalistische Typografie passend zum Corporate Design der Schreinerei Becker
Logodesign für Schreinerei Becker aus Rammingen
Geschäftsausstattung mit Briefpapier, Visitenkarten und Kuverts
  • Plakat und Zeitungsanzeige im Corporate Design der Schreinerei Becker
  • Zeitungsanzeigen für Schreinerei Becker
Fahrzeugbeschriftung Lieferwagen Schreinerei Becker
Grafikdesign für kleine Familienbetriebe
Webdesign für Schreinerei Becker aus Rammingen im Unterallgäu
Präsentation von Referenzen und Leistungen auf der Internetseite der Schreinerei Becker
Internetseite und Content-Erstellung Schreinerei Becker