Guethler Glasfassaden GmbH

Distinctive logo design and high-quality products

The Unterallgaeu-based company Guethler Glasfassaden GmbH manufactures high-quality windows, doors and glass facades. A window adds light to a room and defines the style of every type of building—large or small, inside or outside. A generous, all glass front of a house with extreme dimensions is sometimes difficult to realize for some manufacturers. Guethler has decades of know-how and is capable providing impressive solutions for even the most difficult projects. Thanks to modern CNC technology, the company also has the capacity for extensive public building projects and precise custom-made solutions.

Strategies and target groups can change over the years so the design should also be flexible and adaptable accordingly. A continuous development of the corporate design keeps the company appearance fresh and contemporary. The logo as an important part of the corporate design however remains constant and unchanged. Timeless, clear design is important here. The newly developed signet, the Guethler-G, in a catchy and simple form, was also created according to these standards. It can be used in many different ways. The trainees’ creative idea as a customer gift: the Guethler-G shaped like a clock, made of wood.

Besides the creation of various marketing materials such as brochures, product catalogues and flyers, other advertising materials were designed based on the corporate design, such as letterhead, business cards, newspaper and job advertisements, banners.

Premium products, like the high-quality Guethler wood-aluminum windows, require an impressive presentation. Close-ups of beautifully manufactured details, wood grains, high-quality fittings—special characteristics that make a window, a glass facade, a door. Architectural photographs from other projects and a corporate portrait for a look inside the company communicate a positive visual identity.

All these steps are necessary in order to have high-quality content available for the important digital appearance on the Internet. Because: as high quality as Guethler’s products are, so the web design of the website must feel like. Composition, content and user guidance are well thought-out and at the same time designed to be informative. Both website and print media design show that the experts at Guethler glass facades know their business.


Corporate Design

Identity Design mit Logodesign für Güthler Glasfassaden
Logo und Signet mit geometrischem Aufbau für Güthler Glasfassaden GmbH
Typografie ist im Grafikdesign und Corporate Design ein wichtiger Faktor für eine ansprechende Gestaltung
Wenige Farben mit hohem Kontrast prägen das Erscheinungsbild von Güthler Glasfassaden aus Lauben im Unterallgäu
Entwicklung eines Icon Stils für Güthler Glasfassaden aus Lauben
Grafikdesign, Typografie und Farbflächen für Güthler Glasfassaden
Experimentelles Corporate Design mit spannender Typografie für Güthler Glasfassaden im Allgäu
Entwicklung eines markanten und einprägsamen Signets / Logos für Güthler Glasfassaden
Ein präzise entwickeltes Logo ermöglicht ein breites Spektrum an Anwendungsmöglichkeiten
Papiertasche als Goodie Bag mit Heißfolienveredelung
  • Imagebroschüren in gedruckter Form sind im Produktmarketing sehr wichtig
  • Grafikdesign und Marketing: Produktbroschüren sind greifbar und haben einen haptischen Vorteil gegenüber Online-Medien
  • Marketing mit Produktkatalog und Imagebroschüren für Güthler Glasfassaden
Anzeigen für Zeitungen und Magazine für Güthler Glasfassaden
Markantes Grafikdesign mit starken Farben und Typografie für Güthler Glasfassaden
Großformatplakate Out-of-Home zum Employer Branding von Güthler Glasfassaden
Internetseite und Online-Auftritt mit Eindrücken zum Unternehmen Güthler Glasfassaden GmbH
Internetauftritt von Güthler Glasfassaden mit Produktdarstellung und Farbauswahl