Gasthof Adler

New corporate design for a countryside restaurant with tradition

After a successful career at Germanys top chefs, Bernhard Munding returned to his home village in the Allgaeu and took over his family’s restaurant—in the fifth generation. Under the new management, the popular, down-to-earth restaurant classics of the Gasthof Adler receive a culinary finishing touch and impress with a combination of modern finesse and regional tradition.

When it came to the further development of this family business, which has been in existence for over 130 years, Marc Brugger Design was responsible for all aspects of the corporate design. Not only the redesign, but also the entire creative and content concept was completely focused on the fresh brand identity of a traditional company: The new Gasthof Adler was intended to be as rural and down-to-earth as ever, while at the same time being characterized by warm yet refined hospitality. The shape of the crest already has a tradition in the Munding family, so the requirement for the new logo was to pick up some particularly distinctive elements from the family crest and to give them a modern interpretation.

Delicious cuisine brought to life through media: From corporate and logo design to the composition of all necessary materials for print and digital (advertising, marketing, web design) as well as the core of the creative work, ambient and food photography—in this project, I was able to help redefine the entire brand aesthetic and put the delicious restaurant dishes in a confident new light.


Corporate Design

Logoentwicklung und Design eines Wappens für den Landgasthof Adler
Modern interpretiertes Wappendesign für den Gasthof Adler
Corporate Design und Grafikdesign für den Allgäuer Landgasthof Adler aus Frechenrieden
Logoentwicklung und Design eines Wappens für den Gasthof Adler von Bernhard Munding
Stilisierte Grafik des ursprünglichen Familienwappens als neues Logo für den Gasthof Adler
Logodesign für Gasthof Adler aus Frechenrieden im Allgäu
Fotodesign Landgasthof Adler im Allgäu
Fotoshooting für Gasthöfe und Restaurants
Interessante Details und Close-ups machen Internetseiten lebendig
Interiorfotos vom Landgasthof Adler im Allgäu
Foodfotografie für Restaurants
Foodfotografie für Gasthöfe und Restaurants
Foodfoto im Gasthof Adler bei Koch Bernhard Munding aus Frechenrieden im Unterallgäu
Fotodesign für Bernhard Munding im Gasthof Adler
Webdesign und Fotografie für Restaurants und Gaststätten
Food- und Restaurantfotografie