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With high standards and style: architectural photography, web design, exposé design

baupartner is an architectural office and property development company from Memmingen (Allgaeu) known for its modern style and individual housing construction in exquisite residential areas. Each building project designed and supervised by the architect is realized by regional craftsmen in an environmentally and cost-conscious manner and delivered ready to use.

Marc Brugger Design developed the website design to fit in with the corporate design. Well-presented case studies of reference projects help build confidence in the expertise of baupartner. Both printed and digital exposés bring potential buyers closer to the properties, inform them about important facts and play an important part in sales even before construction begins.

Very special photo models: The heart of every project is above all an attractive architectural photograph. Nothing less than the reference objects from the company are presented here as advertising messages in a way that will appeal to the target group. If there are no objects to photograph yet, because they are in planning or under construction, 3D visualization and animation make dreams of living become visible in virtual reality.


Architectural photography

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