3KANDT Lektorat

Revisions as a service: Proofreading with wow-factor

3KANDT is the proofreading office of Isabelle Dreikandt, who studied literature and law. Whether advertising or scientific proofreading—the text quality for each client is given a high-precision finishing touch thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Ms Dreikandt.

Marc Brugger Design worked for the lecturer from Bavaria as a corporate design agency: The project included the corporate and logo design, design for web and print—as well as the overall concept for a corporate website with a powerful and sophisticated look.

Through print, a service becomes tangible: For classic marketing tools, particularly in the service-oriented business, high-quality image brochures that are as informative as they are pleasant to read are the perfect solution. This is why one of the highlights was the booklet for 3KANDT, which impresses with a combination of strong colors and catchy presented bold facts.


Corporate Design
Portrait photography

Logodesign 3KANDT Lektorat Memmingen
Signetentwicklung für 3KANDT Lektorat
Kräftige und markante Farben für das Corporate Design von Lektorat 3KANDT
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Logodesign und Signetentwicklung für 3KANDT Lektorat
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Imagebroschüre für 3KANDT Lektorat – Betreuung als Designagentur für Werbung und Marketing
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Grafikdesign und Illustration eines Ablaufplans
Farbdetails im Corporate Design für Lektorat 3KANDT
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